What to Expect from a Tantric Massage Session

It is only natural that you have a number of expectations when booking a Tantric massage session; there are a lot of discussions about Tantric massage rituals and the available massage sessions you can reserve, making it easy to picture just how the session progresses. However, there are also a number of misconceptions circulating these days, especially when it comes to the nature of Tantric massage services. That is why we are going to take a closer look at the Tantric massage session in this part.

Preparing for Your Tantric Massage Session

Before you start a Tantric massage session, there are a number of things you may want to prepare first. Your personal cleanliness and the way you see Tantric rituals are the two most important aspects to pay close attention to upon entering a Tantric massage session.

Make sure you are in your best form – clean and well-groomed – and that you keep an open mind upon entering the massage session. You may also want to tell yourself to be passive and receptive throughout the session, unless you are opting for our more active sessions.

Beginning the Session

The session can be started with a conventional warm bath or a Tantric bathing ritual depending on your preferences. Both are highly beneficial and can help you relax more – with Tantric bathing rituals being the more relaxing of the two – but you can still choose not to take them if you like.

Next, the Tantric goddess assisting you will guide you to entering the Tantric temple. You will be asked to lie down and find the most comfortable position possible and she will start the session accordingly.

Scented candles and a soothing music are added to make the environment more supportive to your Tantric massage experience. These elements – including the aromatherapy oil or scent used as part of the session – are highly customizable; you can personalize every part of the experience to further suit your preferences.

The Tantric goddess will then let you relax for several minutes while she takes a shower and prepare herself for the massage. She will also warm up the massage oil and apply it across one side of your body.

The Stimulations – Tantric Massage Rituals

With these preparations completed, the Tantric goddess can now begin your Tantric massage rituals. She will start delivering stimulations in the form of soft touches and strokes to target points across the body. Depending on the kind of Tantric massage session you are getting, she may use her hands or the natural curves of her bare body to deliver these stimulations.

In a four-hand massage session, two therapists will be performing the Tantric massage rituals. One can lead the procession while the other follows, or both can focus on different parts of the body for a truly magnificent experience.

The massage session continues with Lingam massage – with the focus shifted more to your Lingam and the surrounding area – and prostate massage should you opt for one. At this point, expect to receive intense stimulations that will take you to a completely different level of pleasure.

As you get closer and closer to the point of maximum sexual arousal, your gorgeous Tantric goddess will change the way stimulations are delivered and let you explore the realm of Tantric orgasm. You will feel an immensely pleasurable sexual release unlike anything you have experienced before.

Ending the Session

After experiencing Tantric orgasm and reaching a climax, you can take a few minutes to relax and take as much part of the experience as possible with you. Let your mind roam free and explore the beauty of Tantra and Tantric massage.

Pay close attention to your feelings and what your mind is telling you; during this cooling-down process, you will find answers to most of the questions you haven’t been able to answer. It is one of the many great benefits of Tantric rituals.

This particular process also allows your body to maximize its regeneration rate. At the end of the session, as you take another bath to further cool down the body, you will feel fully refreshed and ready for the challenges you must face.

What NOT to Expect from Tantric Massage Sessions

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding Tantric massage services and the Tantric rituals. There are a number of things you should NOT expect from a Tantric massage, including:

  • Sexual intercourse. Although Tantric massage is very sensual by nature, it is not a form of sexual activity. You should not expect any form of intercourse – including oral sex and penetration – from your therapist. Sexual services are NOT available even for an extra cost.
  • Sexual release. Lingam massage may – and often does – lead to sexual release in the form of Tantric orgasm. However, orgasm is not the primary goal of the session and must not be treated as such.

Our agency specializes in delivering the best Tantric massage services possible, so please treat our goddesses with respect and they will be more than happy to bring you the best experience possible.