Massage Services

Tantric massage rituals are more than just sensual massage therapies; they bring a lot of benefits while taking you to the unexplored world of pleasure through the implementation of Tantra. The level of pleasure that can be derived from Tantric massage rituals is undeniably high; through careful attention to details and our clients’ satisfaction, we are determined to maximize Tantric massage rituals and the experience they bring.
Both in-call and out-call services are available; you can have our Tantric goddess come to your hotel or apartment for maximum convenience, or you can visit our Tantric temple and enjoy the best Tantric massage services. Both services are available every day from 10 am to 2am.

Every part of our Tantric massage services is also very customizable. You can have the entire session personalized by adding – or removing – Tantric rituals and the elements incorporated as part of the Tantric massage experience. It is possible to have the perfect Tantric massage session regardless of your goals and personal preferences.

Basic Tantric Massage

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘basic’ in the name of this particular type of Tantric massage service. Although basic Tantric massage is recognized as the most basic form of Tantric rituals, it is certainly far from being incomprehensive.

The basic Tantric massage is the perfect entrance into the world of Tantra and all its glory. It is a full body sensual massage performed by an experienced Tantric goddess. As the session progresses, your favourite Tantric goddess will cater to your every need perfectly.

Different target points across the body are stimulated using a series of soft touches and strokes. This ritual is very relaxing and highly beneficial, perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice relief after a long week dealing with stressful things.

Basic Tantric massage also includes a number of additional therapies as well, Lingam massage being the most common one.

Body to Body Massage

A body-to-body massage, also known as the classic Tantric massage, is a therapy performed using the natural curves of the goddess’s bare body. Yes, instead of using her hands your Tantric goddess will use her body to deliver stimulations throughout the session.

The way your skin rubs against hers, the intensely sensual aura of this massage and the stimulations delivered throughout the session make classic Tantric massage special in many ways. As she pushes and slides her breasts against your body, with nothing but the massage oil in between, you will feel unbelievable amount of pleasure and sensations.

Similar to the basic Tantric massage, body-to-body massage is also combined with other Tantric rituals for a more holistic experience.

Four-Hand Massage

The four-hand massage offers another unique experience you can opt for. Instead of having just one Tantric goddess, you can now have two of them catering to your needs and personal preferences. This type of Tantric therapy is also know as the Ocean Wave massage, mainly because the sensations created by the four hands of the Tantric goddesses are similar to ocean waves.

You can have one Tantric goddess leading the rituals while the other mimics her every movement, or you can simply let the two goddesses focus on different parts of the body for a sensational pleasure.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a part of every Tantric massage packages we provide at no additional cost. It is a Tantric ritual that focuses on the Lingam and pelvic region. Lingam massage is incorporated as a way to end your Tantric massage experience.

Through soft strokes and pressures, Lingam massage will take you into the world of pure pleasure. It introduces sexual energy control by allowing you to master breathing techniques and other Tantric rituals you can perform yourself. It is also not a secret that Lingam massage may lead to a full-body Tantric orgasm, a higher level of orgasm that brings great pleasure to those who can reach it.

It is also possible to add extra Lingam massage rituals should you prefer to; the minute additional cost is nothing compared to the immense pleasure you get from this Tantric ritual.

Prostate Massage

The internal male prostate gland is known as the Sacred Spot, a spot where many nerve endings meet. These nerve endings are connected to different parts of the body; it is only natural that stimulating it will bring a lot of great benefits, including some of the most remarkable sexual impacts.

Sacred Spot massage must be done by a trained professional in order for it to be enjoyable and beneficial; the Tantric goddesses we provide are specifically trained to deliver the best possible prostate massage experience.

Stimulations to external prostate are also delivered as part of every Tantric massage sessions at no additional charge. The Sacred Spot massage, however, amplifies the true pleasure that can be derived from a Tantric massage session greatly.

Tantric Classic Plus

The Tantric massage rituals are very sensual by nature. It is understandable that you will experience an intense urge to respond to the sensual stimulations delivered during your session.

Our Tantric Classic Plus allows you to be active and take part in the Tantric rituals. Unlike other massage services we provide, you don’t have to stay passive and be receptive during a session of Tantric Classic Plus.

By responding to the stimulations through caressing the Tantric goddess, touching her or giving a massage in return when you prefer to, you can channel the sexual energy within you and gain more benefits from the session.

Tantric Massage for Couples

The Tantric massage rituals are available to couples as well. If you and your partner are feeling adventurous or simply want to embrace the beauty of Tantra, our Tantric massage for couples is the perfect way to get started.

With Tantric goddesses involved as part of the experience, both of you can explore your sexuality further, build a stronger spiritual relationship and be closer to one another entirely.

Tantric Bathing Rituals

We always advise our clients to take a nice and relaxing warm bath before entering a Tantric massage session. It is also possible to have a truly magnificent experience from the very start by opting for our Tantric bathing rituals.

Taking a bath with our gorgeous Tantric goddess is indeed a very relaxing therapy; she will worship every part of your body and take you into a deeper state of relaxation by starting the Tantric massage rituals as both of you enjoy a nice, foamy bath.

Aromatherapy oil and other remedies may also be used to enhance the overall sensations of a Tantric bathing rituals while improving the benefits. The whole experience can be highly personalized; don’t hesitate to tell us more about your personal preferences and let us prepare the best Tantric massage session for you.