Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our Tantric massage services, this is the perfect page to get started with finding the answer. We hope to answer some of your frequently asked questions and get you started with enjoying the best Tantric massage experience right away.

How can I book a Tantric massage session?

Be sure to browse through out website to find out more about the services we have in store for you. If you want to make a reservation and schedule a Tantric massage session, simply call our customer relations officer.

What do I need to book my session?

We will need your full name, address and phone number. Please include your postal code upon providing us with these details. The preferred time for the massage session will also be required.

Can I choose a Tantric goddess for my session?

Yes. You can secure a session with any of our Tantric goddesses; if we may make a suggestion, it is always best to pick the gorgeous goddess you are comfortable with the most.

Do I need to provide my credit card details or make a payment when reserving a session?

We value our customers’ privacy and personal information security, so we never ask for credit card info or other sensitive information when accepting your reservation.

No payment is required and you can secure an appointment just by providing us with the details said above.

How do I pay for my Tantric massage session then?

We only accept cash payments; the payment needs to be settled prior to the massage session. Our Tantric goddess will receive your payment directly for maximum convenience and privacy.

When is the best time to make a reservation?

Our customer support officer is ready for you at all times. You can secure a session with any of our Tantric goddesses anytime as long as it is at least 40 to 60 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.

Depending on the venue of your choice, our Tantric goddess will be available and ready to start the session within minutes.

Where will my Tantric massage session take place?

You can have the Tantric goddess come to you or simply visit our Tantric temple to enjoy a nice massage session. Among the venues that you can choose from are hotels and apartments.

We also cater to those who want to have their Tantric massage rituals performed at home or private residence. Alternatively, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to come to us and visit our Tantric temple to enjoy your session.

Can I enjoy more than massage treatments?

If by ‘more’ you mean other Tantric rituals, then the answer is yes. Our Tantric goddesses are trained in the art of Tantra, so they can also perform Tantric bathing rituals and other specialized treatments such as healing.

However, no sexual services are allowed. We provide Tantric massage services and nothing more; please respect our Tantric goddesses properly by NOT asking them for sexual services.

Are there special offers for your services?

As one of the leading Tantric massage agencies, we don’t give out special offers and discounts. However, our Tantric goddesses will be more than happy to ensure a pleasant experience every time you enjoy a massage session with us.

Is there a catalogue of Tantric goddesses I can review?

Yes, the catalogue is available here on our site. All pictures are genuine and recent – we review them periodically so that our clients can make their decisions accordingly – so you should have no trouble at all choosing a Tantric goddess you like the most.

If I’m not happy with the Tantric goddess of my choice, can I send her back or get a replacement?

As you know, we consider our clients’ satisfaction as our top priority. Should you are not happy with the gorgeous Tantric goddess we sent you, you can cancel the session.

Bear in mind that a cancelation fee may apply to cover for her travel expenses.

What if I need to make a last-minute cancelation?

Of course, you can cancel your session should something urgent arise. However, a cancelation fee will apply since our Tantric goddess may already be on her way to you.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the session?

Absolutely not! Our Tantric goddess will bring all the required tools and remedies for the session for your maximum convenience.

All you need to do is set the room temperature correctly and take a shower prior to the session so that you are fresh and ready for our Tantric massage experience.

We also advise putting your mobile phone in Silent mode before starting the session. This way, you can rest assured knowing that nothing will distract you as you slip into a deeper state of relaxation and enjoy the Tantric massage experience.

Can I add treatments to my on-going session?

Should you want extra treatments to be added – such as an additional Lingam massage or a Sacred Spot massage – please consult our Tantric goddess first.

She will let you know regarding additional costs you may have to pay as well as whether the extra services you ask for can be added.