Feeling “home” in an erotic massage

Among lots of benefits that erotic and sensual massages have, the way they make you feel is one of the best advantages. All the good states, all the feelings that make you want to return are a major reason to try them.

The good estates that appear during an erotic massage are different all the time. Maybe there aren’t two massages that can be felt the same. The sensations are renewed and the estates appeared can be very complex and more profound as the experiences are repeated.
Good feelings at estates at the level of the heart

The effects of the sensual and erotic massages surprise each time due to their complexity, if the massages are well-realized. The experience itself can be a valuable one and it can contain many elements very special and full of extraordinary states. People often come to such an experience, the experience of an erotic massage, for the sick of the estates appeared there. And for the feelings and the sensations which are very different from what they normally live in a day-to-day life. The complexity of the feelings and of the sensations in an erotic massage is one of its specifics, one of its items and a particularity of it.

Not all the sensations felt during the massage have to do with the erotic area, with the sexual domain. They will determine an awakening of these energies, but they will also go much more beyond that. There will be sensations of deep pleasure, of enchantment, delicious sensations which can be or not related to the erotic sphere. They can be determine by the energies from this area, the erotically one, but they can go deeper and can extend to other levels, also. The satisfaction felt deeper and deeper and more profound as the massage session goes by can move from the erotic areas to other areas of the being. There can appear an inner satisfaction that we can relate to the joy of the soul, to other feelings of the soul and of the heart.

The guest may feel a deep peace installing in his own being. This will not be contradictory with the erotically arousal, in fact, it will be sustained by it. The awakening of the sexual energies will lead to a certain type of satisfaction, of enchantment, but the course of the erotic massage will lead to other types of feelings and satisfaction, also. There will be the gratitude and the peace felt in the heart for such lovely moments and experiences. There will be inner peace sustained by special techniques for sublimating the energies or rising them up especially at the level of the heart. There can also be special pressures at the middle of the palms to sustain the focusing upon the peace of the mind and of the heart.

Feeling “home” as a result of the inner peace

Focusing over the feelings and states appeared at the level of the heart will bring a certain state of tranquility, of peace and of calm in the being of the guest. The satisfaction felt now is more like a gratitude and the calm states are prevalent when speaking of the effects at the level of the heart. Feeling very good at this level will automatically lead to a feeling of “being home”, in a Bucharest massage parlor, living these pleasant and special estates and moments of the erotic massage.